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Useful Funding Solutions for All Businesses

Casa Bella Homes is dedicated to providing funding solutions that support your business. Our Sacramento, California-based business works with a range of business lenders to get you access to the funding you need. Our Business Finance Suite is the most comprehensive funding solution in the world. You'll have access to a wealth of funding options.

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What Can You Do?

We reveal the secret lending formula that ensures your business is set up credibly to radically increase your chances of approval. Next, we pre-qualify you through our unique Financing Approval Engine, cross-checking your information with underwriting information for thousands of lenders and giving you the best chance of approval for cash funding. Finally, we help you build your business credit score and profile. This allows you to borrow more in your business's name, requiring no personal credit check or guarantee.

With us, you get approved funding and build your business credit while accessing the largest database of lending sources available. You also have access to the largest supply of vendor and revolving business credit sources. Our team can get you approved for cash funding, even as a start-up, or with challenged personal credit.

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Choosing Casa Bella Homes gives you a great deal of options where you can reap a world of benefits. You'll work directly with a certified business advisor who will help you meet lending criteria before you apply, and get you approved for Net 30 accounts quickly to build your business credit. You'll secure cash funding quickly—within 60 days or less. We also help you secure revolving business credit with no personal credit check, through many sources like Target™, Walmart™, Best Buy™, Apple™, and many others. You'll also get:

Business Credit Cards from Visa™, MasterCard™, American Express™, & Discover™ | Free Access to Experian™ Smart Business Monitoring
(A $600 Value) | Free DUNS® Number & Dun & Bradstreet® Credit Profile Activation (A $799 Value)