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Simple Business Credit System Solutions

Whether you're trying to build your dream or working hard to grow the business you have, Casa Bella Homes of Sacramento, California, has the business credit system to assist you in your endeavors. From start-up financing to expansion funding, we can get you the money you need quickly and help you build business credit that is separate from your personal history.

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Check Out Our Credit Business Credit System

Our business credit program is not attached to your personal credit. These financing options are linked to your Employer Identification Number (or EIN), and your Social Security Number isn't needed at all. No matter what your personal credit history looks like, your business can get the funding it needs, and the inquiries have no effect on your personal credit. Business accounts only report to business reporting agencies, so you and your family are safe from potential business troubles.

You can also build your business credit quickly. You'll get initial vendor credit immediately, store credit within 90 days, and cash credit within 120 days. High limit business credit accounts are also available. The Small Business Administration credit approval limits are 10 to 100 times higher than consumer credit limits. Your credit lines come with no collateral or financials—even start-up financing is available with no tax returns or collateral required!

No Personal Liability

When you choose Casa Bella Homes, you protect your personal and family assets from risk. There is no personal liability involved in our systems, and you do not need to personally guarantee your business debts. This ensures your family's finances are safe. Established business credit increases loan approval, especially on high-dollar bank loans. Additionally, your prospects, clients, and competitors can see your business credit reports. Ensure that your financial picture is represented the way it should be by building credit early!

Depending on Your Collateral, We Can Approve You For:

Purchase Order Financing | Inventory Financing | Accounts Receivable Financing | 401(k) Financing | Commercial Real Estate Financing | Securities-Based Line of Credit | Equipment Financing | Private Equity Financing | Business Revenue Lending | Merchant Cash Advances

Start-Ups Have Options:

Business Credit Cards | Business Lines of Credit

Niche Financing:

Home Reseller Financing | Commercial Signage Financing | Equipment Sale or Leaseback | Auto Dealer Floor Plan Financing | Vehicle Wrap Financing | E-2 & EB-5 Visa Financing